Serving the Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years

With well over 200 years of experience in Oil and Gas servicing, Straight Line Construction, Inc. offers a full range of services that are designed to benefit the Oil and Gas industry from original site preparation through drilling and production. We combine our shop services with our field services to be fully efficient, save time and lower costs. We have the resources and expertise, from well hookups to the full construction of an entire gas plant. Straight Line Construction, Inc. provides oil and gas on-site services across the  South Texas region and is one of the leading providers.

The Oil and Gas industry is a challenging environment with many risks and rewards, but safety is our primary concern. Through our in-house, fully trained staff, we can construct oilfield sites that are safe and meet the constant challenge of daily stress factors that may be dangerous or even fatal. Trust in our expertise to construct your oil and gas sites. Call Straight Line Construction, Inc. and let us prove our competence!



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